Copy of Size Chart

Ring Size:
If you already know your ring size or finger measurements in millimeters, you can use the guide to choose the size that best fits you. Make sure that when you measure a ring, it has the same width as the one you want to purchase.

Make sure to leave enough space for your knuckle!

= The total measurement around your finger. When measuring with a ring, this is the total circular measurement of the inner ring hole.

Diameter = The thickness of your finger/width of the ring hole.

If you fall between two ring sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size.

All our sizes are in millimeters.

Use a string to find your ring size:
Wrap a loose string or the wire of your phone charger around your finger, making sure to account for the size of your knuckle. Mark the point on the string where the beginning and end meet. Measure the marked length in millimeters and compare it with the size chart.