Size chart Braclet

Available Bracelet Sizes

18 cm
20 cm
22 cm

How to measure your wrist size?

1. You can easily determine your own bracelet size with a measuring tape or a cord (for example from your phone charger). To measure, simply place the cord (or the measuring tape) around your wrist tightly. The ends of the cord should be marked.

2. By using a ruler you can then measure the marked cord and get your wrist size.

3. Pick based on your wrist measurement the right size that suits your wrist size. We recommend to pick a bracelet size that is at least 0.5cm larger than your tight wrist measurement.

For example: If your wrist size is 19 cm, we would recommend going for the 20 cm bracelet size.


Check out youtube. You will find detailed videos in your preferred language on how to do this! Still unsure? Contact our experts via email and we will be happy to help you find your perfect fit.